• Setting the Standard in Precious Metals Refining

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  • "By having no sales reps to pay, dentists get a
    higher return with Scientific Metals."

    –Dr. Woody Oakes, Founder, The Profitable Dentist

  • "Scientific Metals is setting the gold standard when it comes to Dental Scrap Refining."

    — Dentaltown Magazine

No Sales Reps. Keep More of What’s Yours.

At Scientific Metals, there are no sales reps of third party reps that get a percentage of your scrap return. It’s easy to see why more customers turn to us for a higher scrap return.

Expert Melting, Assaying, and Refining Services

We carefully heat, melt, and assay your precious metals using the most stringent assay and sampling techniques

Metal Submission

We provide a wide variety of precious metal services, primarily for the dental and jewelry industries

Melting Process

Metals are melted in an induction furnace which can reach temperatures of over 3000 degrees

Analytical Services

Pin, drilling and dust samples make their way through the laboratory to be assayed and analyzed


Flexible payment options include check, gold and silver bullion, and casting grain


Scientific Metals is the only refining company EVER to be featured on the cover of Dentaltown Magazine. Not once. But Twice.


“Sent in my scrap to the refining company who had formed a partnership with a dental supply distributor and was told I was getting approximately $3700.00 for the scrap. This seemed very low for the amount of scrap I turned in. The processed bar was sent back to me and I turned it in to Scientific Metals who I had read about in one of the journals and the payout for the same bar was just over $5700.00.”

Dr. Donovan Essen, DDS

“Scientific Metals raises the bar when it comes to dental scrap refining. Scientific Metals’ lean business model provides dentists with a larger settlement.”

Dentaltown Magazine

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