Dr. Donovan Essen, DDS


"Sent in my scrap to the refining company who had formed a partnership with a dental supply distributor and was told I was getting approximately $3700.00 for the scrap. This seemed very low for the amount of scrap I turned in. The processed bar was sent back to me and I turned it in to Scientific Metals who I had read about in one of the journals and the payout for the same bar was just over $5700.00."

Dr. Andrew Kulick, DMD


"I submitted my scrap for refining to a dental supplies rep whose company had partnered with a refiner. After receiving my scrap metal results and fully understanding ALL of the fees and deductions, I decided to have my melted bar returned to me from the company. I submitted this same bar to Scientific Metals and received about 40% more."

Dentaltown Magazine

"Scientific Metals raises the bar when it comes to dental scrap refining. Scientific Metals' lean business model provides dentists with a larger settlement."

Rolling Hills Dental


“We used Scientific Metals each December from 2013-2015 and received a substantial amount of money each of those years. In 2016, by accident we mistakenly sent our scrap to a different company and received about 65% less than what we received at the exact same time the previous year with Scientific Metals with a similar amount of scrap. A costly mistake.“

Dr. Paul Binon, DDS


“If you want an honest return for your scrap metal, think Scientific Metals. Several years ago, had my scrap assessed by one of the “premier” refining companies and it was unbelievable the difference in value assayed later by Scientific Metals. It’s a no brainer.”

Dr. Michael Cohen – Founder Seattle Study Club


"Scientific Metals has proven itself to be a reputable and trustworthy company for our 250+ clubs and 7000 members for over 5 years now. Our club directors and members have been very pleased with the integrity of the refining results and the quality of their customer service.”

Dr. Woody Oakes – Founder The Profitable Dentist


"Scientific Metals has no sales reps who get a percentage of the scrap value. This means dentists get a higher reimbursement."

Dr. Don Nimz, DMD

"Wow, fast , accurate and better return than any refining company I have worked with in the 35 years of dentistry! Thank you."

Dr. Mark McClure, DDS

"Simple, no layers of “salesmen” to pay, and the best return on your scrap. Simple."

Dr. George Doskoris, DDS


"My staff was reluctant to switch and try Scientific Metals because they said our current refiner had the lowest refining fees. They said we  usually got between $400-600$. Sent in our scrap to Scientific Metals and received a check for $1247.00."

Dr. Arpad Sooky, DDS


" I just sent Scientific Metals my first batch, and I wish I would have sent them my previous one too. This batch was about half the size of the previous one but the payout was about ten times as much.   Thank you Scientific Metals for being one of the seemingly last refining companies with honor and integrity. You have won my continued business, and I will be singing your praise to all my colleagues as well".

Dr. Scott, DDS


"I have never endorsed a company or product. That’s simply been my motto and choice for over a decade in my professional career lecturing and treating patients. I now make an exception to my rule recommending to you Scientific Metals. Being around dentistry most of my life, I believed I understood the value of the scrap metal I had acquired. When I phoned Scientific Metals I told them that I thought I had “X” amount of value in my metal scrap. Within a short time after sending it, I received a phone call from Scientific Metals. They said, “ Doctor, you have 10 times “X” here.” How easy it would have been to be elusive, false, or deceptive. I was amazed and grateful. It makes me wonder about all the other times I returned scrap elsewhere. That’s my story. I hope it finds you well wherever you are."

Dr. Barton L McGhee, DDS

"I would like to thank AAOMS for having Scientific Metals for the approved refining program for AAOMS members. I have found them to be an honest, fair and reliable company. I highly recommend the company and their service. I feel this Approved Program with Scientific Metals provides an important service for AAOMS members. I have recommended them to all my partners at Atlanta Oral and Facial Surgery."

Stonebriar Oral and Facial Surgery

"We have been using Scientific Metals for many years now. After trying several different refining companies, we enjoy and trust Scientific Metals the most. It is easy to ship the metal and the reimbursement is fair and prompt."

Montrose Oral Surgery

"The amount of money we got back from Scientific Metals was almost three times as much as what we used to get when we sold it before. We're very happy that we found out about the AAOMS program."

Lakeside Oral Surgery


"Scientific Metals has the highest and most honest payouts. Scientific Metals has been wonderful to our practice and we think everyone should know it. If your oral surgery office is not using Scientific Metals, you are losing out! AAOMS has a really winning program with Scientific Metals."

Dr. Byron Davis, DDS

"Having tried other companies I find them to be the most consistent and professional."

Yakima Oral Surgery

"We recently switched refining companies to Scientific Metals. Our practice is so happy we switched... we have made so much more money. We wish we had done it sooner."

Dr. Timothy Lang

"Scientific Metals has the best metal refining program we have found."

Dr. Edward J. Urig, Jr., DMD

"I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your great service and your company. I have used another refinery for my scrap metals in the past and I decided to use your company this time because it is associated with AAOMS. I never felt that I was getting a good reimbursement from this other company. To my great surprise I received 4 times the reimbursement from you than I got from your competition. I went back and compared the amount of metal I submitted last time with the other company and it was almost identical to the amount I submitted to your company. Thank you so much for the great service."

Joel T. Glover, DDS


"I have always felt I was being taken advantage by dental scrap metal buyers until I sent my metals to Scientific Metals. I would question the other middle men and sales reps on fees and gold prices and they would always give me the run around.  I received a prompt and fair payment from Scientific Metals along with a clear and transparent explanation and breakdown. I am very pleased with the service and communication I received from Dave Weinberg and Scientific Metals".

Dr Ed Rugh, DDS


"Dave and Scientific Metals are very easy to communicate with (a really big plus to us in the dental business) regarding any precious metal needs. They are straight forward and open regarding values. They are very timely in supplying precious metal needs that I have wanted. They have had a very positive impact on my overall position.”

Dr. Matt Cantner


“Well done. You have gained my trust and future business. I will be spreading the good word.”

Dr. S. Weldon. Brown, DDS

"Thank you Scientific Metals. You are good to the word the Profitable Dentist and Woody Oakes gave about you!

Ashland Dental

"WOW WOW WOW!! Thanks Dave."

Dr. William Priester, DDS

"Scientific Metals has no sales reps that get a commission or percentage of the scrap. What this means is we get a higher return. Anyone not using Scientific Metals for their scrap refining should start."

Dr. Tony Randi, DDS

"ACP has chosen an extremely reliable and honest company to partner with for refining . In an industry based on trust , scientific Metals delivers! I highly recommend scientific Metals to my ACP colleagues!"

From all the staff at Paradise Dental

"Scientific Metals is the best place for all your scrap metals! We love the service that we receive. They are honest and the checks we receive are for higher amounts than we used to receive for the metals. They are the BEST! Thank you guys for a service well done."

Dr. Colin Richman, DMD

I worked with Dave and Scientific Metals. He and his team and service are fantastic – went beyond the call of duty.He and his team are keepers”

Premier Dentistry of Sarasota


“Dave, We just received a call from your office telling us the amount is for $2,786.43. This is truly amazing…..we were quoted $750 with  _____. We will be telling all the offices in the area to send to you.”

Dr. David S. DDS


"We were not satisfied with the scrap settlement offer of $1610.00 when we gave our office scrap to our dental supply distributor rep who told us they had a joint venture with a refining company.  We requested they return to us the melted bar and we sent it off to a  Scientific Metals who I had read about in Dentaltown. Results - about 35% higher dollar settlement from Scientific Metals - $2190.00."

Dr. Robert Margeas, DDS


“When I travel the country giving lectures to dentists and the topic of finding an honest refinery for dental scrap comes up, Scientific Metals is the name I hear most often.”

Dr. Tony Cavalli, DDS


“Just want to thank you Dave for an honest transaction, it only confirms my negative past experiences with other well known refiners. I would gladly do business with your company again.”

The Profitable Dentist Cover 2017


“Scientific Metals is the next best option to owning your own gold refinery”

Joanne- Michigan Oral Surgeons


"We have been using Scientific Metals for our scrap metal refining for many years now. We have tried other metal companies but Scientific Metals is the most trustworthy and honest refining company. We highly recommend Scientific Metals for your OMS office and think AAOMS has chosen a very reliable and reputable company for their approved program for AAOMS Members"  

Dr. Keith Smith, DDS

"I am very pleased with the result and would encourage my colleagues to contact them to cash in their scrap metal. I want to thank the ACP for partnering with such a fine organization."

Nantucket Family Dentistry

"Just a note to let you know that you guys "knocked it out of the park" AGAIN!!! Our assay on our dental scrap came back to be more than we expected for the second time. We have used other refiners in the past, and we have been consistently disappointed in either the service or the "sketchy" results. Thank you for the fast service and "family business" feel that you guys put forth. Our Dr. (Roy Davis) is the BEST!! Whatever we get back from you guys gets divided evenly among the staff. Therefore everyone one in the office is on board with saving the tiniest bit of scrap they find. This last batch yielded $1,300.00 per employee!! Now that's a nice surprise!! Thanks again, and have a great day!!

Nantucket Family Dentistry

"Wow!!! How exciting!! That's more than we were guessing. In the past with other refiners it was always way less than we expect. We are already working on our next batch."

Dr. Troy Follmar, DDS

"My experience with Scientific Metals was fantastic..Dave was very responsive and kept me informed through the entire transaction. I will definitely be a return customer."

Dr. Gary Orentlicher, DDS

"I have found Scientific Metals to be trustworthy, honest, and fair. For those AAOMS members not processing your scrap, I encourage you do so, with Scientific Metals - for many reasons. For those already processing scrap elsewhere, I encourage you to try Scientific Metals."

Vancouver Oral Surgery

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for your prompt service and really great returns on"all" the scrap metal returns! We look forward to another great year with Scientific Metals!"

Dr. Bradley Dilling, DDS


“I have always had a positive experience with Scientific Metals. I have been using them to refine dental materials for years. They are always easy to work with, have a fast turn around, and give a good and honest return on the materials sent.”

Dr. Thomas Girvan, DDS


"Dave, I just wanted you to know that I am extremely happy with the service your company has provided my practice for the recovery and reimbursement for used scrap metals. I have on occasion used other scrap metal recovery companies but none has matched your exacting standards and thoroughness in documenting the metals recovered. Thanks again - and I would like to request another prepaid shipment container to prepare my next shipment for Scientific Metals."

Dr. Daniel Cobb, DDS


“About two months ago a company rep came by the office and wanted to buy my scrap metal. I was interested to see what my scrap was worth, so he weighed it out and offered me a significant sum in cash. I wasn’t in a hurry to get rid of it, so I said no and put it back in the drawer. About a month later I saw an advertisement for Scientific Metals in Dentaltown Magazine. I sent my scrap in and was astonished to find that it was worth about three times more than what the other rep had offered in cash. Thank you Scientific Metals”

Dr. Marcus Barnett, DDS


“Sent in my scrap to Scientific Metals and the settlement amount was for $2206.34. This was more than double the amount of the offer I received just a few weeks earlier from a different refining company rep.  Thank you Scientific Metals.”

Dr. Robert Cambria, DDS


“A breath of fresh air finally knowing what the true value of my scrap is. No more relying on someone weighing it and “guessing” the assay. Thanks Again.”

Dr. Matthew Costa, DDS


"After reading about Scientific Metals for dental scrap in Dentaltown Magazine, I couldn't resist sending in a little cup of old crowns to see what I could get for it. My assistant expected under a hundred bucks and my bosses thought it would be a little more. Needless to say everyone was floored when I got a check for about $ 1500.00. Scientific Metals RULES!! I strongly encourage any of you guys who have some old scrap lying around to give them a try. You won't be disappointed."

Heritage Dental


"We are receiving much more for our returns with you than we ever have before. We’ve always used the same “drop by” rep who only separated the scrap into “white” and “yellow”  before and paid us cash on the spot. Our office did this for the previous 40 YEARS before I got here! Once I joined the team, I didn’t think that that company, rep and “method” were providing us a very good (or honest!) deal, so shortly after I started working here I started researching alternatives and found out about you from Dentaltown.  When I read our staff the email results of the refining just now (Dr. W. generously splits the $ results of our scrap returns among the staff), they said, “Make SURE we save the information for that new place you are sending our scrap metal to.” It truly is significantly more. The assay is a much fairer process. Our office is thrilled with how easy you guys make it to send in our returns, how nice, friendly, and helpful you all are, and especially the much larger checks we receive! I will be leaving, but Dr. Willhide and Heritage Dental will be staying with Scientific Metals for keeps."

Dr. Lawrence Coffin, DDS


“I really appreciate your prompt service, your continuous communication by email, and your obvious commitment to customer service. I am always impressed with your high level of professionalism”

Dr. Jason Holden, DDS Prosthodontist


” I have been using Scientific Metals for almost 10 years now as part of the ACP Affininty Refining Program. I have always felt that the returns have been accurate, reliable, and trustworthy. ACP has chosen the right refiner to partner with . I recommend Scientific Metals to my ACP colleagues.”

South Bay Oral Surgery


"Scientific Metals does a great job in delivering the most accurate and honest scrap metal refining results . I think all AAOMS members would benefit greatly from this approved program. The returns greatly exceed the cash offers we used to get."

Dr. Wolfgang Schaller, DDS


“I sent my last batch to Scientific Metals, got back quite a bit more than expected, compared to who I had been using”.  

Hershberger Dental


"I would highly recommend Scientific Metals to dentists and labs, which I do. Their customer service is top notch."

John Dicamilla


"As former president of both the National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL) and Arizona Dental Lab Association, I have dealt with many refining companies for my scrap metals and have been very impressed with Scientific Metals. I am extremely confident that the return was an accurate reflection of my scrap."

Dr. Paul Barganier, DDS


"Dave you're awesome! The guy that comes around every so often usually leaves me about $1500 for this much metal. Thank you for the $3,500 check which is at least double what I would usually get. You have my business from now on."

Dr. Tim Muscaro, DDS


"I recently sent in a large amount of scrap and was so happy with the entire process. You staff handled my initial phone call with great professionalism, the Fed Ex pickup was prompt, and, most importantly, I received a check in about a week for an amount that greatly exceeded my expectations! I feel very lucky to have seen the article in Dentaltown that inspired me to call you. I will use no other in the future. Thanks"

Dr. Anthony Sciascia, DDS


"I recently submitted a substantial amount of dental scrap to Scientific Metals for refinement. Naturally, I was a bit nervous about sending 20 years worth of gold scraps off to be assayed. I was also a bit skeptical of all refining companies after being ripped off by another company many years ago. The endorsement by the Wisconsin Dental Association gave me some confidence that I was dealing with an honest, legitimate company. My first phone call to Mr. Weinberg dissolved all of my apprehension in proceeding. I was very impressed with the personal, honest service that I received throughout the entire process. A Fed-X label was sent to me and my shipment was insured. There was a follow-up e-mail when the shipment was received and also when my settlement check and bullion were being shipped to me. I couldn't be happier with the professionalism and security that I witnessed at every step."

Dr David Kusovitsky, DDS


"After years of trading in my scrap metal with a very popular refiner, your company has shown itself to be honest and fair. Even with the higher metal prices, my reimbursement with you was still a lot larger than with similar weights of material in the past." You've also been a pleasure to deal with.

Dr. Mark L. Billy, DDS


"We used Scientific Metals for the first time and are delighted at the amount of reimbursement we received for our scrap metal. We feel that we were treated fairly and professionally, and will certainly use their service again in the future."

Dr. Edwin King, DDS


"Since I found out that AAOMS/ASI recommended Scientific Metals (for refinement of old crowns and bridges), I've been impressed with how much more they pay than other companies that I've used."