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Setting the Standard in

Precious Metal Refining

We deliver superior scrap returns through

 precision and integrity.

Scientific Metals is a family owned and operated precious metals refining company that has become an integral and seamless partner to many jewelers, dentists, manufacturers, wholesalers, pawnshops, refiners, precious metals dealers, and dental labs all across North America.

Melting Services
Refining Services
Assay Services

Leaders in Dental Scrap Refining

Scientific Metals is the most trusted name in dental scrap refining, having been featured on the covers of Dentaltown Magazine and the Profitable Dentist and endorsed by some of the most prestigious dentals associations. 

Refined to Perfection

At Scientific Metals, we celebrate precision, skill and most of all, integrity. We offer a unique combination of cutting edge science and age old skills with an impeccable reputation. Feel free to visit us and watch over your melt at our state of the art facility.

Featured In

Scientific Metals is an industry-known source for reliable, trustworthy refining. In fact, we are only refining company to be featured on the cover of Dentaltown Magazine.


Dr. Gorden Bell, DDS

"Pleasure doing business with you, you guys are the one bright pillar in this sphere, been screwed far too many times over the years. Glad to know they were still ethical business people out there. Feel free to share my comments with anyone."


Dr. Donovan Essen, DDS

"Sent in my scrap to a refining company through their dental supply distributor partnership and was told I was getting approximately $3700.00 for the scrap. This seemed very low for the amount of scrap I turned in. The processed bar was sent back to me and I turned it in to Scientific Metals who I had read about in one of the journals and the payout for the same bar was $5712.00."


Dr. Paul Binon, DDS

"If you want an honest return for your scrap metal, think Scientific Metals. Several years ago, had my scrap assessed by one of the “premier” refining companies and it was unbelievable the difference in value assayed later by Scientific Metals. It’s a no brainer."

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