To deliver the most accurate and trusted scrap returns. Period.

Precision and Integrity

“At Scientific Metals, we come to work every day to solve the two biggest concerns we face in our industry: Precision and Integrity. Without both together, neither by itself matters. Yes, the assay machines need to measure the metals, but our people make us who we are. At the heart of it all is honesty, and the relationships we build with our customers.”

– Dave Weinberg

At the end of the day, refining is what we do, but building relationships is what we love.


No Sales Reps

At Scientific Metals, there are no sales reps or third party representatives  who take a big cut of your scrap return. With less people taking a cut, you keep more of what’s yours. Yes, it really is that simple.


We’ve earned the trust of some of the most prestigious associations, including the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS), the American College of Prosthodontists (ACP), and the world renown Seattle Study Club.

No Hidden Fees

Hidden fees and charges can be crushing to your scrap return–sometimes up to an additional 30% on top of the refining fee. That’s why we have no hidden fees and no additional charges; there’s no tricky math with us.

Family Owned, Family Run. 

Scientific Metals is a family owned and operated precious metals refining company that has become an integral and seamless partner to many jewelers, dentists, manufacturers, wholesalers, pawnshops, refiners, precious metals dealers, and dental labs all across North America. Our small management team makes business simple and efficient, allowing us to focus on delivering the most accurate and reliable scrap metal returns in the industry.

Mark Weinberg, Founder

Mark is the founder of Scientific Metals. If you ask Mark what your assay was 2 years ago, odds are he can tell by memory what it was within a few percentage points. When Mark is not making sure the melts and samples are perfect, you can probably find him watching hockey or watching an old episode of Law and Order.

Dave Weinberg

Dave joined the family business back in 2005. With a masters in business and operations, Dave led the way in reducing costs and streamlining processes – all resulting in increased efficiencies and higher settlements for customers. Dave is here to ensure we never stop innovating and becoming more efficient for our customers.