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Case Studies

Integrity, accuracy, and reliability combine to yield incredible results.

Dr. William Wong, DDS

Santa Monica, CA

The final settlement from Scientific Metals was $3235.09 more than the offer Dr. Wong received after he initially sent in his scrap to another refinery.

The Other Guys: $9644.50

Scientific Metals: $12,879.59

In March 2018, Dr. Wong sent in 700 grams of scrap to a refining company for processing and melting. After the company’s refining fees and 5% promotion, his final settlement offer was $9,644.50. At first, Dr. Wong believed this to be a very reasonable offer. But after a closer look at the report, something didn’t add up.

 Based upon the refiner’s own breakdown of Dr. Wong’s metal percentages and weight, he noticed that his final settlement offer should have been around $12,500.00. After speaking with the refining company, Wong was informed that there was an additional 30% deduction that was non-transparently figured into the numbers.

 After declining this offer and then sending his bar to Scientific Metals (who has no hidden fees) Dr. Wong’s final settlement for the same bar was $12,879.59.


Dr. Andrew Kulick, DMD

Sebring, FL

We helped Dr. Kulick make 32% more money on his scrap with us after he discovered huge additional fees and charges from his initial refiner.

The Other Guys: $2700

Scientific Metals: $3554

Dr. Kulick contacted Scientific Metals after he submitted his scrap collection to a dental supply rep whose company was partners with a refiner. When his settlement offer of $2700 seemed low, he was informed of the multiple charges and deductions that were added to the refining fees.

After Dr. Kulick declined this initial offer and received his material back in the form of an ingot (or bar), he then asked a colleague to refer him to a different refiner—which turned out to be Scientific Metals.

Dr. Kulick sent us his bar for assay and settlement and received $3554.00…32% more for the same bar.

Dr. Donovan Essen, DDS

Palm City, FL

Dr. Essen earned more than 50% more on his scrap bar from us after he declined his first offer from another refinery and sent us his melted bar for a second analysis.

The Other Guys: $3700

Scientific Metals: $5712


Rolling Hills Dental

Danbury, CT

This practice’s scrap return decreased substantially when staff mistakenly sent scrap to another refiner and NOT Scientific Metals.

The Other Guys: $1121.98

Scientific Metals: $4465.06


Dr. Marcus Barnett, DDS

Ozark, MO

We helped Dr. Barnett dramatically increase his scrap return by refusing an in-office cash offer.

The Other Guys: $1000

Scientific Metals: $2206.34


Dr. Edward Urig, DDS

Santa Fe, NM

We delivered a much higher scrap return than the previous refiner who had promised “lowest refining fees.”

The Other Guys: $1200

Scientific Metals: $3836.02

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