Frequently Asked Questions

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[av_toggle title=’Why scrap with Scientific Metals?’ tags=”]
Two main reasons.

1 ) We have no sales reps that are either on salary or commission that may get a piece of your scrap return. With less people getting compensated on the value of your scrap, you get a better return.

2) We have no extra or hidden fees. Many other companies have other fees and charges IN ADDITION to the refining fee that may not be easily noticed. These extra fees can reduce your scrap return an additional 30%.  Click here to read 2 examples.
[av_toggle title=’Why do you not have reps come and pick up the materials from my office or lab?’ tags=”]
By virtually eliminating reps, we are able to drastically reduce costs and deliver superior scrap returns. Dentaltown magazine best summarized it when they wrote that our “no frills business model allows Scientific Metals to pass on the savings to the customers.”
[av_toggle title=’Why choose Scientific Metals when another refiner told me his company had lower fees?’ tags=”]
Simple: Trust and integrity. While it is true that you may see companies advertise or promise lower refining fees, it may not mean you will receive more money for your scrap. You should only be concerned with the bottom line – how much money you receive. Like an iceberg, there is more unseen than seen.
[av_toggle title=’Why not sell our scrap to the guy who comes by our office and lab and offers to pay us cash on the spot?’ tags=”]
It is very difficult to determine the metal content of your scrap just by looking at it and separating the yellow from the “white looking material.” As a result of this uncertainty, the cash offer usually will be very conservative – as low as 40-60% of the actual value. You can only receive an accurate assessment by sending in your material for a 4-element assay.
[av_toggle title=’Why don’t I see Scientific Metals at many of the dental trade shows?’ tags=”]
We try to keep our costs down to a minimum in order to keep our settlements honest and accurate. Lower expenses for us mean higher and more accurate returns for you.
[av_toggle title=’How long does it take to process my scrap?’ tags=”]
Once we receive your material, it usually takes between 7- 10 business days to process your scrap. Once the value of your scrap has been determined, we will contact you by email or telephone. Certain items such as carpets, large volume low grade sweeps, etc. may and usually do take longer.
[av_toggle title=’Is there a minimum amount of scrap I can send in?’ tags=”]
We do not have an official minimum amount but to achieve a proper melt and assay, we ask that you have at least 1.5 troy ounces or 50 grams or approximately 30 unites (crowns, bridges, etc.).
[av_toggle title=’Do you offer in transit insurance for lost or damaged packages?’ tags=”]

Scientific Metals provides insurance of the package provided that :(i) the shipping label has been generated by Scientific Metals, (ii) the package has been scanned and entered into the Fedex computer system: (iii), the customer has amply packaged, secured, and sealed the shipping container, and (iv), the customer can provide reasonable documentation as to the quantity and quality of the metal submitted – which include photo(s) of the scrap submitted showing approximate volume and quantity of the scrap and/or previous assay/refining reports to show the approximate quality and purity of the metals.
In the absence of previous refining reports, the value of the insurance claim will be determined by multiplying the estimated weight of the materials by the average value of similar material type paid out within the last 30 days of the date of shipment.

[av_toggle title=’What price do you use to for the settlement date?’ tags=”]
We use the “Second London Fix” on the day your assay and settlement is finalized. However, if you like the precious metals prices on the day your ship your materials to us, you can lock in those prices.
[av_toggle title=’What assay techniques do you use?’ tags=”]
Depending on the quantity and quality of the materials, we use:

  • Fire and chemical analysis
  • Inductive Coupled Plasma Spectrometry (ICAP)
  • Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS)
  • X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF)

[av_toggle title=’A) Can I give your scrap refining kit with Fedex Label to my patient? B) Do you have mailers for my patients to send in their individual crown? ‘ tags=”]
A) Unfortunately the Fedex kits are for the offices only, and not patients. Often, the Fedex shipping costs will be more than the value of the individual’s crown.

B) Unfortunately at this time we do not accept individual shipments from patients. However, you can include a patient’s crown in your office’s next scrap shipment and ask for a separate valuation.
[av_toggle title=’What are my settlement options?’ tags=”]
You may select from the following forms of payment:

  1. check
  2. gold/silver bullion
  3. ACH ( electronic credit to bank account)
  4. wire transfer

[av_toggle title=’Do I pay a premium when I take payment in gold or silver?’ tags=”]
Yes. In most cases, there will be approximately a 2- 5% premium on 1 oz. gold bars and coins and usually between $1.50 and $2.50 for silver coins.
[av_toggle title=’I have been getting consistent scrap returns from the same company for years. Why switch?’ tags=”]
Consistent scrap returns and accurate scrap returns may not necessarily be one of the same. By trying a new company, two things can happen: 1) you confirm that your current refiner has been doing a good job and you can continue with full confidence going forward or 2) you realize that you have not been receiving full and accurate scrap returns and begin to “right the ship.”
[av_toggle title=’Do you pay on all four precious metals?’ tags=”]
Yes. We assay and pay on gold, platinum, palladium, and silver.
[av_toggle title=’Do you accept personal jewelry?’ tags=”]


[av_toggle title=’Shouldn’t I wait to turn in my scrap if I think gold will continue to rise in price?’ tags=”]
If you think the price of gold will continue to rise and want to stay invested in gold, you can always exchange your scrap for bullion/coins. It is better to have gold coins/bullion sitting in your drawer than a pile of scrap.